Devin working on A&E’s Live PD in Pasco County.

Devin’s passion has always been Cinema, one of the first things he remembers doing as a child was lying in bed watching as many movies as he could. This passion turned into a dream and by the time he was 19 he found himself on his first set as a grip. Because he’s a hands on learner and opportunities presented themselves he decided not to attend film school and just learn from his experiences on set. After trying his hand at as many production jobs as he could from grip, gaff, camera operating and boom operating he discovered the amazing world of editing. Being more of a visual person played a big part in his passion as an editor. He was able to tell a story visually threw his cuts, forming and mold what he and the director envisioned the film to be. Over the years Devin has edited a number of different projects such as music videos, commercials, weddings, and short films and even features films. He is also interested in many other aspects of post-production but his other passion is color grading. Devin noticed that even after his projects were done they didn’t seem to look as cinematic as what he saw on TV or from other film makers he admired. So Devin looked into color correcting and color grading. He taught himself the UI of one of the top coloring programs then began to learn about all the different aspects of color correcting and grading. He has spent many hours honing his craft as a colorist studying everything  from video scopes to luma and white balancing, shot matching, primary and secondary corrections and creating a look for the film. Devin is very detail oriented and ultimately a projectionist who always wants to deliver the best film possible so he spends many hours making sure that happens.

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