Real Estate Video

Boost your home sales, grow your social media, strengthen your brand, build trust with potential buyers, and connect with your audience all by using video. #Cinema offers affordable media packages that create stunning photos and video that you help sell more houses; faster. Contact Us to get started today.

How Video Helps

Convey Information

The video services offered by #Cinema has the capability to convey lots of information in just shorter period of time. The company can provide you with real estate video that ensures that the customers can easily check out the available rooms on your real estate, the features as well as the size. Your customers will no longer search for further information most especially if your video is already complete with all the needed information.

Better Advertising

Did you know that real estate video is better than tons of pictures? Video is proven more effective when it comes to advertising real estate listings compared to pictures. If your pictures are not that catchy and high quality, your customers will not be enticed to see it, unlike video, this can show all the amenities, facilities and features of apartment or house. Customers will no longer be required to read long articles and browse low quality photos because you have this video that provides everything they need.

Embedded Call to Action

Through the video service offered by #Cinema, your customers will no longer find it difficult to view your website. In the real estate video provided by this company, you are rest assured that there will always be a call to action on the video. Once the customer clicks the button “play” in the video, they will be able to easy the call to action easily. We will make sure that CTA will be inserted properly.

We Create Videos

The bottom like is we produce videos so you can help sell more houses. Help your firm integrate Real Estate Video before it becomes mainstream in the field. Let us help you make video, so you can do what you do best. Sell Houses!

Stand Apart From Your Competition

There are lots of ways to make your real estate business progressive and useful to the customers. One of the best things that you can do to ensure success and growth of business is real estate video marketing services by #Cinema. Video marketing is very beneficial for realtors who want to increase sales and lead generation. Our goal is to ensure that you will get high quality and effective video every time. To help you sell your property faster, #Cinema promises delivery within 10-days of shooting.

Effectiveness of Real Estate Video:

  • Perceived value of homes jumps as much as 6%! (By making a video!)
  • 85% of buyers look forward to working with realtors that use video.
  • Stand out from the rest as only 5% of real estate agents use video!
  • Quality video helps increase Google SEO rankings by up to 50 times. 
  • Listings using real estate video marketing get 403% more inquiries.
  • Including video in emails doubles the click-through rate by 75 percent.
  • 70% of potentials home buyers watch video home tours.

The better question is:
Why aren't you using Real Estate Video?

About Our Process


To help achieve your vision, there are a few questions to ask to help with shooting. As no two properties are the same it is crucial to know what needs to be showcased for the specific property.


Our video/photo process takes about two hours on the interior and about thirty minutes on the exterior. To make the house look as pristine as possible, shooting days are limited to days with great weather.


This is where the video is spliced together with music, voice overs, and your logos. Our goal is to turn over the video as soon as possible , so please insure to send over all of your assets before the shoot date.


We know that time is essential in the Real Estate industry, so our promise to you is to deliver the video within ten days of shooting. We deliver electronically, it can then be uploaded across all digital platforms.