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#Cinema Weddings focuses on creating memorable videos that captures the romance of a couple. A wedding is just a single day in a lifelong relationship, our goal is to tell the story of how you and your significant fell in love. To show the love before the wedding and how it will last eternally after the wedding day.

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  • We Love Weddings

    Your big day is just as important to us as it is to you. we will make sure we capture its magic and beauty like it is our own wedding.

  • Your Love Story

    No two weddings are the same, this is why we make our films unique. #Cinema customizes every wedding film down to the song the song.


We will create a video you will love!

When you hire #Cinema Weddings, the last thing you have to worry about on your big day is a great video. With years of experience shooting weddings, you can rest assured that you will love your wedding video.

Passion in Every Project!

#Cinema takes pride in every project we shoot; including weddings. Planning is a necessity, so a questionnaire is sent to the couple to find out everything about their unique wedding.

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Why We Love To Do Wedding Video!

Wedding video is more than just another job for our team. Every wedding is a one of a kind film. Here at #Cinema we put a lot of planning into each and every wedding. To help make each wedding film unique we offer a library of music to choose from, so the bride can choose her favorite song. Our films also feature the love story of the lucky couple. How they met, how they fell in love, and got married.

Wedding Cinematography in Tampa Bay Florida

#Cinema brings a new twist to the market of wedding videography in the Tampa Bay Area. Here at #Cinema we are all experienced in the film industry. We like to take the tools and techniques that we use to make films and apply them to weddings. This style helps tell the story of a wedding with professional equipment and technique, creating a uniquely stunning wedding film.

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Once I was talking to a close friend of mine who was getting married in the near future, she was the bride. I asked her a simple question “Who is doing your wedding videography?” She replied “Oh, we just have a photographer. We don’t need a videographer”. After a few minutes I had convinced her that she needed a wedding videographer and she booked #Cinema to shoot her wedding. I sat down with the couple to show them their wedding video shortly after their wedding. After watching the video for the first time she began to cry, and said enthusiastically:
“WOW! I am so glad that you made me do video. The day went by so fast I don’t remember what happened. The pictures are good, but only helped me remember that single moment in time. The video helped me relive the day by seeing everything in motion and brings back some fond memories. THANK YOU!”She asked me to play the video again…and I did 3 more times.

Wedding videos are super important and should not be overlooked. Videos help preserve every memory in a format that is more interactive than photography.

Our Happy Couples

Adam and his assistant arrived early to shoot my preparation; he brought with him all sorts of film gadgets to help get the perfect shot….When I first saw the video I broke into tears and watched several times over. I asked him to make a few revisions and he had them done in less than a week! Great service. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for quality videographer.Kristin & Doug
I was very impressed by his professionalism and all of his equipment for our small little ceremony….He even had microphones for us to wear to record every word of our unforgettable vows… Thank you Adam for making our wonderful day complete. I would definitely recommend his services again for any special event you want to remember forever. He did an incredible job!Debbie & Matt

We’re Cinematographers, Not Videographers

A videographer is someone who just operates a camera to capture something. A cinematographer is someone who crafts each individual shot artistically to help create and tell a story. Here at #Cinema we have honed in the craft of cinematography and are applying it to weddings. This means that the same techniques that are being used in Hollywood are being applied to your wedding. We also use some of the same gear that is used in Hollywood to help compliment our skills. This is what sets #Cinema apart from the competition

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