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Are you hosting an event? Maybe to launch a product, or possibly a gala to raise money for a chairy your business supports. It is a great idea to capture the emotions of this event with video. It can be used for many different purposes; including: promotion for the same event next year, recruitment, and raising funds for your selected charity. Events should be captured to help spread awareness of what your company is up to! It makes for great content for your social media and can help grow your online presence.

Whatever the purpose of your event, a video should be made to help keep the memory and promote the event for the next time around. The goal of event video is to create a recap for those who could not make it. This can share the information and the experience for those not in attendance.


Case Study: Apple Keynotes

One of the best examples of this is how Apple has their signature Keynotes to release a new product. They don’t just post the product on their website and hope to sell out. Apple crafts an event to SHOW their customers how awesome their latest product is (even if it's not). The result? A loyal customer base that wants to watch the Keynote live so they are informed of the latest news by the tech giant! The Keynotes have not been the same since turtleneck wearing Steve Jobs passed in 2011, but they are still events that always fill the theatre. Normally the Keynote is over an hour long, but there are plenty of people that will follow along to make sure they get the latest details. Here is an example of a shortened recap of the iPhone 12 launch event if you have no clue what I am talking about:

These event videos are filled with great b-roll and interviews that were shown at the event to help promote the product. It is all a part of the event video. After watching this, you probably want the newest iPhone! It shows features that you can connect to and should make your life better. Even though the year to year updates aren't that significant it becomes almost a necessity to have the latest technology!

Other Event Videos:

Event videos can be more than just a project launch or company event. In the digital age many people are their brands. Just like a company, it is critical for these influencers to keep branding and building themselves up on social media platforms. This can be done extremely well with video. Unlike a photo, a video brings the viewer into the world of the brand or influencer. This shows them what it really like to be in their shoes. If a photo is worth 1000 words, then how many words is video worth? At least a million!

Case Study: Kwon Alexander "The Call"

For Kwon, an NFL Linebacker, event video is an important marketing tool for his brand. Like many in this digital age Kwon’s brand is himself. The point of this event is a celebration of an accomplishment; making the NFL Pro Bowl. Kwon has an Instagram following of over 300k so keeping his fans informed is an integral part of his business. Not only has Kwon been an immense force on the field, but off the field. His merchandise often sells out in minutes from being posted. He and his team have created a brand around him that will last him long after his NFL career is over (We hope to see him on the field for at least the next decade!).

Event Videos are another tool in a digital marketing tool kit that can help build brands or take them to the next level. It is clear that, if used properly, event videos can help promote past and future event. If you need a video for your next event please Contact Us Today to get started on your project!

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