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Using Video To Grow Your Small Business in 2021

After a year of insane volatility due to COVID  it is time to help your company grow. The best way to do this is with Video! Learn how you can use video to grow your online presence. 

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"We reached out to Adam to help us create videos that would get more customers to purchase our product...and that was exactly what he did! Thanks #Cinema!"
- Lori from Millennium Academy
I didn't know how to get started with using video for my business. I reached out to Adam and he showed me how...It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
- Shawn from First Step

Reach Your Goals With Video!

What You Will Learn:


Setting Video Goals


To first get started on your path to success with video, you first have to create video goals that will help you reach your marketing objectives.


Setting Your Video Goals

The Best Type of Video for You

Getting the Most Out of Video

Creating A Video Marketing Plan

Once setup you'll have a destination and need to create a roadmap on how to get there. In this webinar we'll create a plan that will help get you on the fast track to utilizing video in your digital marketing plan!


Creating a Road Map

Getting Creative With Video

Establishing a Timeline


Executing Your Plan

Making videos can be the hardest part, but by executing your plan will increase video quality and effectiveness. We'll show you how to do it on your own or contract it out to help make your process easier.


The Process of Creating Content

Creating Content In-House

Outsourcing Content Production

Learn About Video For Your Business!

Companies We've Helped!

The largest companies in the world are all using video! Do you think this is a coincidence? Absolutely not! They see the potential that video offers in the current market. This allows them to create a loyal following, that generates them more income. The same principals can be applied to small businesses with great success! You don't have to be on the Fortune 500 list to efficiently video. The best part? Video is cheaper than you think!

If you have a smartphone and computer YOU can create videos that WILL convert!

Learn How To Start Using Video!

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What You'll Learn

Begining Your Video Journey!

It doesn't matter what your budget is; you NEED video! With today's smartphone technology and some guidance you can make videos that will help you convert clients. You just need to get started TODAY!

Utilizing Video Marketing!

One of the biggest mistakes that small businesses make is not implementing the videos that have been created. By having a solid digital marketing plan, your videos will have a much better ROI.

Get More Leads and Grow!

By using analytics and making changes, your plan will reach it potential and reduce marketing costs. Keeping up with your online presence requires persistence. If done properly will help your business grow!